About Lela

About Lela

What is LELA?

Nice to meet you!

Lela is a new way to shop that’s all about you. We take the time to get to know you—your lifestyle, taste, and values—and use that info to guide you to the things you’ll love. The product recommendations we give are completely unique to you.

How do we know what you’ll like? When you complete your profile, Lela learns what’s important to you. Lela gets smarter as you tell us more about your lifestyle, like if you live in a city or have twins. Lela’s Data Team analyzes all the specs of everything on the site, so we can help you find what will meet your needs instead of what will fall flat.

Already have a favorite store? You can buy from your favorite online retailers right from Lela.com. Lela Local hooks you up with stores in your neighborhood, and Lela always shows you where to get the best deal.

Lela works for you, not for retailers, brands, or sponsors. We care about you, so we always respect your privacy. We never share your profile without your permission. We never ask for your credit card info since you buy directly from your favorite stores.

There’s no one like you. There’s no shopping like Lela. If you haven’t completed your Lela profile yet, get started!